Our Orchards

Jewett Creek Farms: Our Story

A history of almonds - and our small olive orchard

Jewett Creek Farms was purchased in 1986 by our family after the original orchard was left abandoned and thirsty by its owners. We nurtured those almond varieties back to health until we planted a new crop in 2004. Each tree is spaced with enough sunlight to reach the blossoms and provide a bountiful crop of nonpareil, peerless, and price almonds. The honey isn’t bad, either. After chasing the flowers all season, our beekeeper strategically places his hives in the orchard to feed the bees. The spun, creamed honey is unlike any other.

Another fun fact about us: Our small olive orchard. A group of speculators from New York City came to Northern California in the 1900s to develop ground. Instead of hotels (although they did build one), they planted olive orchards. Our varieties are Sevillano, Manzanillo, Ascolano, and Picholine. The combination is unique and comes in every bottle of beautiful oil. A trip to the Corning museum is a fun history lesson in the early olive orchards of Northern California.

Our oil will become available once we launch the grower store exclusively for Jewett Creek growers. Stay tuned!